Make Any Day Payday.

Sekady makes Subcontractor payments fast, easy, and secure to help you improve your cash flow.

Sub contractor

Stop Chasing Paper Checks and Get Paid with Free ACH Direct Deposit.

More and more Trades are looking for speed, security, and simplicity when they get paid. When your General Contractor pays you through Sekady’s platform, you get just that.

Simply upload your invoices through the platform. Upon approval you will receive an email asking you how and when you’d like to get paid! Construction Trades payments  is what we do best!

See what General Contractors are saying about paying their Trade Partners through Sekady!

Improve Your Cash flow with Fast Payment Options.

No more hunting down paper checks or depositing them on your lunch break! You can get secure Construction Trades payments faster and easier through Sekady. Get paid by all of your General Contractors on the platform – if they aren’t here yet, get them on board! Ask us about our referral bonus.

How does Sekady QuickPay work?

You complete your work order.

You send Sekady your completed invoice.

Sekady pays you by the next business day for a small fee.

Your General Contractor pays us after we pay you.

Frequently Asked Payment Questions

Upload an Invoice

  1. Sign into your Sekady account.
  2. Click on the menu icon in the top left.
  3. Click “Create Invoice”.
  4. Enter required information: Builder, project name, invoice number, amount and type.
  5. Click the “Attach File” section and a menu will pop up to allow you to take a photo of the invoice or attach a photo.
  6. Click “Create Invoice”.

** You must choose a payment term**

Once your invoice has been approved for payment, you will receive an email to select how you want to be paid. You can choose regular payment terms or QuickPay to receive payment the next business day less a 3% early payment discount. All payments are sent via ACH transfer to the bank account you provided when you created your Sekady account.

Once your payment selection is made, you will need to click to accept and electronically sign a Lien Waiver. This must be done before we can process any payments for you.


No, you do not have to select QuickPay on all of your payments.

If your GC is already a Sekady customer, you don’t have to do anything! Upon approval of your invoices, you’ll receive an email with details about which GC is paying you.

If your CG is not a Sekady customer, please provide their information and we will do everything we can to get them on board! We even have a referral bonus program.

Selecting QuickPay allows you to get paid much faster for the work you have completed instead of waiting for a check to come in the mail or waiting for standard payment terms. Increased cash flow allows you to pay bills, buy supplies, pay employees, and meet the other needs of your business.

You also remove the hassle of having to call your General Contractors for checks, making a trip to collect them, and another just to deposit them into your bank account.

Sugar Creek Enterprises

Tanda Weeks

“We greatly enjoy and appreciate working with Sekady. They are helping to make our small business dreams come true. The app makes my life so easy. It’s great to not worry about gathering lien waivers and writing checks. The dashboard is an efficient way to pull up project costs and individual vendor details. We look forward to a long working relationship with Sekady Capital”