Digitize and Improve Efficiencies for Your Construction Loans.

Reduce the time and resources your team spends on manual tasks and automate them through technology. Streamline construction disbursements, manage draw requests and inspections, and get full visibility into project statuses and budgets.

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There's a Better Way to pay Subcontractors and Vendors through Controlled Construction Disbursements.

Learn how Sekady can help your team get the insights and visibility they need with minimal disruption to their current workflows. See what our customers are saying about paying Subcontractors through Sekady (now SOC2 Certified!).

The Construction Disbursements Process



Our staff onboards Subcontractors and vendors to be paid


Invoice Submission

All draws processed through the platform



Oversight and approval on payments to maintain internal controls


Lien Waivers

Signed and captured electronically



Subcontractors can choose expedited or standard payment options

Inspections with Ease.

Inspections with Ease.

Schedule and manage inspections through the Sekady platform. Bring your own or source new Inspectors!

Lien Waiver Protection with Every Invoice Paid.

Mechanical liens are never a problem, until they are. Protect your project by paying Subcontractors and Vendors through the Sekady platform. When you do, the Payee must sign a digital lien release before a payment can be scheduled. The lien waiver is then stored on our platform.