Case Study: Tom Bartley, Real Estate Appraiser

See how Tom saves time and gets paid quickly by factoring with Sekady Capital

Tom Bartley River City Appraisal, Rocklin, CA


The Problem

Tom Bartley has been working as a real estate appraiser for 24 years. He’s seen it all from the crash of 2008 to the boom of 2020. In his region, there are not enough appraisers available to work and he receives more bid requests than he can respond to in a day. Tom’s skill set allows him to work on the more difficult orders and that increases the time needed to complete the very technical reports and still be mindful of his own schedule. He has no time to spare chasing down payment on invoices or complete time-consuming back-office work. Factoring appraisal invoices seemed like something that could help him.

“This industry has zero predictability and urgency every day. Every order I work on has a hard due date and I have to be diligent to complete work on time and accurately. I don’t have much extra time to call on invoices.”

The Solution 

Tom knew there had to be a better way to get paid fast without the hassle of collection calls. He found Sekady Capital 8 years ago and has factored every invoice since. With over 13,000 appraisals done in his career, Tom walks into every appraisal as if he is making this investment in a home. He won’t sign off on an appraisal he wouldn’t be comfortable spending himself. That level of devotion leaves no time for extra work and Sekady Capital helps him get paid fast. As soon as he completes an order, he submits his invoice to Sekady Capital for a small fee and gets paid as soon as the same day. Tom is guaranteed payment on all approved invoices. He never has to worry about whether he’ll be paid on an invoice.

“I don’t know why every appraiser doesn’t use you! Sekady Capital literally keeps food on my family of 8’s table. Factoring appraisal invoices (yes, every one) has been the greatest investment in my business.”

The Results

Tom has successfully factored over 2,000 invoices with Sekady Capital. By eliminating time-consuming collection calls and back-office work, Tom can complete more orders each week and have the ability to continue to support his big extended family. 

“I have bought back my time in a more efficient way than chasing payments. It’s a very free feeling. I am forever grateful for Sekady Capital.”

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“We have been in the residential building industry for almost 30 years. Sekady has provided, by far, the most stress-free process in obtaining construction loan funds.”