Streamline and Automate Your Payments to Subcontractors and Trade Partners.

Reduce the paperwork and headaches that can come with the payment and lien waiver processes. Pay your partners in construction quickly and securely with electronic payments, including same and next-day options.

Receive digital invoices from your Subcontractors, Trades, and Vendors. Capture and store their electronic lien waivers and digital signatures.

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General contractor using construction software mobile app.

Apply for construction lending.

Access flexible funding solutions, and manage your projects with a robust management platform designed to provide easy communication and visibility.

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“Sekady continues to be pivotal in the creation and support of a cohesive and seamless work-flow in my custom home building business. The team within Sekady has created a platform that allows for an easy onboarding process both personally and for the subcontractors who make my business a success. They have provided not only an intuitive platform that makes managing my business more efficient, which leaves more time for my family, but also the peace of mind in knowing I can clearly track each project’s financial status.”

-Gerald Cortright, Clarity Dwellings

Manage your builds A Better Way.

Manage projects, simplify invoicing and payments, and gather and store lien waivers electronically.

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