Say No More to Drawn-Out Draws. NEW! Direct Draw Process is Even Faster!

Turn hours of draw management into just minutes, keeping your construction projects on schedule and profitable.

Draw management made easy.

Be (even)quick(er) on the draw.

Manual draw processes create more emails, more phone calls, and more headaches. Digging for invoices, updating spreadsheets, and searching for inspection reports slow projects down. Our new Direct Draw process allows Builders to create requests in just a few clicks!


You need visibility and the information you need to quickly assess a draw request. Draw management for Lenders does just that.

Accelerate your draw processes and disburse funds faster.

Let us show you a better way to receive and approve draws, and securely disburse funds.

Draw Management
Generate clean, professional draw requests in minutes with integrated inspection reports and lien waivers.

Say goodbye to tedious, error-prone draw request processes.

Keep your projects on schedule and profitable by reducing draw turnaround and disbursement time with Draw Management for Builders.

Draw Management
Provide full visibility into draws, and make funding recommendations efficiently.

Minimize the human error found in manual draw ingestion and approval processes.

Reduce unnecessary back-and-forth emails, phone calls and improve internal efficiency with Sekady Draw Management for Title Companies.

Draw Management
Keep customers happy with complete draw visibility and velocity.

Be quick on the draw.

Provide your best draw request recommendation quickly and efficiently with Draw Management for Funds Control Companies.

Draw Management

Here's what Sekady users have to say.

Harding Homes


"Sekady had our trade partners signed up in 15 minutes. Much easier than anticipated."

Agile Homes


"Sekady was great with implementationThey assisted us with technical details and hosted a learning event with our trade partners."

Madden Carpentry


“Sekady allows us to have better cash flow due to being able to receive payment earlier.

Overhead Door


"Extremely user-friendly. I've yet to encounter an issue in using the system."

Paradise Construction

Ben M. General Contractor

“We feel so grateful to be part of the Sekady Family. Not only has Sekady helped us grow our business exponentially they have helped eliminate many of the common “growing pains” for businesses. I love the online platform, as well as, the ability to manage our business right from the job site on the mobile app.”