Make Payments to Subcontractors and Vendors Faster and More Secure.

Secure, digital payments to Subcontractors and Vendors create a better experience for everyone. Let us show you how we can help you optimize your payments processes.

Payments don't have to be painful.

Eliminate Your Payment Headaches.

Digitizing and streamlining your vendor payments improves payment efficiency by removing costly check-writing, manual invoice management, and offering multiple payment options to your construction partners. Plus, Sekady is now SOC2 Certified!

Be your Subcontractors' favorite Builder.

Pay everyone quickly and keep your projects on track.

Builders are saving up to 3 full days of invoicing work per month on the Sekady platform, and keeping their construction partners happy by giving them fast, secure payment options. How much are manual payment processes really costing you?

Stop chasing paper checks.

Get paid with secure ACH direct deposit.

As a Subcontractor or Vendor, you can simply upload your invoice to get paid. Once approved, you have the option to take standard payment or select QuickPay, which gets you paid by the next day! Fast, secure construction payments for Subcontractors are what we do best!

Digital payments to subcontractors
Keep payments flowing, and your Lenders and Builders happy.

Review invoices and securely disburse funds.

Reduce payment status calls and emails from Subcontractors! Pay them the Sekady way with secure ACH direct deposit - and give them the option to take QuickPay.

Digital payments to subcontractors
Keep payments flowing and your Lender happy.

Full visibility into loan file budgets, approve invoices, and securely disburse funds.

Minimize the need for Subcontractors to reach out regarding payment status! Opt for the Sekady method of secure ACH direct deposit to pay them - and give them the option to take QuickPay!

Digital payments to subcontractors
Streamline payments and keep your projects moving.

Eliminate payment process friction

The easiest way to slow a project down is having a manual, error-prone payments process that frustrates Builders and Subcontractors alike. Do digital payments to Subcontractors the Sekady way!

Digital payments to subcontractors

Here's what Sekady users have to say.

Madden Carpentry


"I no longer spend time and money on gas driving to the bank! We like receiving ACH deposits over traditional checks."

Overhead Door


"We love the ease of submitting invoices and completing lien waivers."

Harding Homes


"We feel like our subs are more loyal to us because we have implemented such an easy process with this platform."

MK Homes


Minimal effort on our end and we keep an even better tab on our money management!

Paradise Construction

Ben M. General Contractor

“We feel so grateful to be part of the Sekady Family. Not only has Sekady helped us grow our business exponentially they have helped eliminate many of the common “growing pains” for businesses. I love the online platform, as well as, the ability to manage our business right from the job site on the mobile app.”