Ease the Pain of Subcontractor Payments.

Outdated, manual payments processes are not only non-secure, they're killing your efficiency and putting projects at risk. Digital payments for Funds Control Companies are the answer.

Digital payments for funds control companies
Manual data entry, cutting paper checks, and security risks.

Construction payments don't have to be painful.

  • Provide secure ACH direct deposit payments and offer Subcontractors QuickPay!
  • Minimize human error due to manual data entry and outdated payment methods.
  • Reduce back-and-forth emails, phone calls, and wasted time.
  • Reduce internal resources allocate them elsewhere.

Let us show you how we can help you improve your payment efficiencies with digital payments for Funds Control Companies!

Your current payments processes are slowing down your team (and your projects)!

Streamline payments workflows and improve efficiencies.

Keeping projects running smoothly and on schedule is how you keep your Lender clients happy. Let us show you how digital payments for Funds Control Companies helps you be more profitable.

We'll do the heavy lifting.

Our team ensures a smooth onboarding experience for all Subcontractors and Vendors, offering unparalleled customer support throughout the process.

Turbocharge your payments processes.

See invoices with associated digital lien waivers within the platform on a per-project level. Approve invoices and schedule payments in minutes.

Bank-grade security and SOC2 Compliance.

Sekady maintains strict adherence to security policies with SOC2-certification; protecting sensitive customer and payee information.

Ben M. General Contractor

Paradise Construction

“We feel so grateful to be part of the Sekady Family. Not only has Sekady helped us grow our business exponentially they have helped eliminate many of the common “growing pains” for businesses. I love the online platform, as well as, the ability to manage our business right from the job site on the mobile app.”