Solutions for Everyone in the Construction Lifecycle.

Sekady offers powerful software solutions for construction professionals, helping them reduce inefficiencies in project management, payments to Subs and Vendors, and more. 

Title Companies

Streamline and automate your title production tasks with digital lien waivers, invoice processing, and automated payments.

Banks and Lenders

Improve your control and visibility with electronic lien waiver management and controlled disbursements.

General Contractors

Increase your profitability with construction loans, project management, digital lien waiver collection, and payables processing.

Construction Subcontractors

Get paid fast with same and next-day payment options. Stop chasing paper checks and get paid with free ACH direct deposit.

Home Appraisers

Get paid on the invoice right away, often as soon as the same day and avoid time-consuming, back-office paperwork.

Appraisal Management Companies

Automate manual processes and reduce the time your company spends on processing payments and increase efficiencies.

Paradise Construction

Ben M. General Contractor

“We feel so grateful to be part of the Sekady Family. Not only has Sekady helped us grow our business exponentially they have helped eliminate many of the common “growing pains” for businesses. I love the online platform, as well as, the ability to manage our business right from the job site on the mobile app.”