Get Paid Quickly and Securely with Sekady.

We make it easy for you to securely improve your cash flow, reduce back-office paperwork, and eliminate collection calls when you factor your appraisal invoices.

Stop waiting to get paid!

Improve your cash flow with invoice factoring.

As a Real Estate Appraiser you have enough on your plate with work orders. Let us help you eliminate the time-consuming and frustrating collection process by factoring your appraisal invoices with Sekady. We can even get you paid by the next business day on approved invoices.




Get paid by the next business day.

Once your invoice is approved, you will receive an email to schedule your payment date. From there you may choose standard terms, factoring, or QuickPay (same-day payment for an additional fee). Security is a top priority - we're SOC2 Certified.

Reduce back-office paperwork.

Spend more time on revenue-generating activity, and less on paperwork!

Eliminate collection calls.

When you factor with Sekady, we guarantee payment on approved invoices.

How does Factoring work?


You complete an appraisal order


You send Sekady your invoice


Sekady pays you digitally by the next business day for a small fee


Your client pays Sekady, per their standard payment terms


What is invoice factoring?

Case Study: Tom Bartley, Rocklin, CA

See how Tom saves time, back-office hassle, and eliminates collection calls. Tom gets his payment when and how he wants it by factoring with Sekady Capital.

Frequently Asked Factoring Questions

You provide us with the information on your client and we will perform a free credit review to see whether we can factor them or not. Most requests can be completed within 24 hours.

Factoring allows you to receive payments for your work orders by the next business day, improving your cash flow and allowing you to pay bills, buy supplies, or fund other business needs immediately. Many payment terms are anywhere from 30 to 90 days, factoring reduces that to 1 day for a small fee.

Factoring also eliminates collection calls and reduces other back-office work, freeing you up to do more appraisals.

Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Kim Napier

“Working with Sekady has made my work life so much easier. As a one person office, Sekady takes care of the unpleasant, time consuming task of collecting fees. This has allowed me to free up time to complete more appraisals. Everyone at Sekady is pleasant and professional and a pleasure to work with.”