Improving Payment Efficiencies

Staying Streamlined and Efficient is Important in Today’s Housing Market Climate – See How Sekady Can Help!

Drowning in a sea of paperwork, struggling to keep up with the never-ending stream of forms, floundering with outdated filing systems—not an uncommon scene for many builders and perhaps yourself in your own business.  


Ditching the “tried and true” manual methods, such as writing paper checks, can understandably feel like pulling teeth. But the Sekady platform offers relief and freedom from the chaos: faster, safer, reliable, and more transparent digital payments to subcontractors, improving payment efficiencies for builders.


Builders can save time, mitigate labor, and boost profits while differentiating themselves, being able to say, “I pay my subcontractors faster!”. 


Digital Payments to Subcontractors 

Digital payments to subcontractors through Sekady make it easy to ditch the paper trail and fully embrace visibility, efficiency, convenience, and security.  



Gone are the days of sifting through piles of receipts and handwritten notes. Digital payment visibility to lenders puts the power of payment tracking and management at your fingertips.  



Digital payments let you focus on the build, not the billing, improving payment efficiencies for builders. Save time by paying digitally and securely. Plus, no more playing phone tag with subcontractors asking for payment status updates. 



No more lunchtime dashes to pick up paper checks! With digital payments, subcontractors can say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the convenience of electronic transfers. This improves efficiency for both you and your subcontractors.



Going digital with payments adds an extra layer of protection against potential mishaps, as traditional methods like paper checks or cash can be more prone to fraud and errors.  



Trade paper cuts for screen taps as you ditch manual processes and make the smooth transition to digital. Sekady allows digital payments to subcontractors to be completed anytime, anywhere, and with more security and visibility than traditional methods, improving payment efficiencies. Clear the clutter of paperwork today and find peace of mind while getting an edge on the competition by advertising, “I pay my subcontractors faster!”. 


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