Sekady Adds New Partner: Agile HomesSekady adds Agile Homes as it’s newest partner to offer digital payments to their Subcontractors and Vendors. Secure, direct ACH payments will now be made directly to trade partners, saving time and frustration in the payments process for Agile and their partners in construction.

Started by Mike and Craig Smith, two childhood friends from New Plymouth, Agile is a local homebuilding business where you can design a home that is brand new and uniquely yours. Being a local builder for over 11 years in the Western Treasure Valley we’ve been able to change the lives of so many homeowners. Our knowledge, familiarity, and deep-rooted love of the area make our process efficient, and it brings a special kind of warmth to each and every home. We take pride in providing a valuable list of included features and options in our Design Center. Together we can create a home that is brand new and uniquely yours.

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