Case Study: Harding HomesThe Problem

Harding Homes is a building and development company specializing in a full range of services, from entitlement through final construction. They have been around since 2000 and have completed about 45-60 homes per year since their inception. As a small team, they do not have much time to spare tracking and coordinating payments for subcontractors. They needed a better way to manage their projects and invoicing to continue to deliver high-quality homes for their partners.

“Coordinating payments takes a lot of time between receiving the invoice, building a PO, sending to the Title company, and confirming payment. It can take me 3-4 days to complete.”


The Solution

When Harding Homes found Sekady’s platform, they knew it could free up their time-consuming busy work of invoicing each month. Onboarding their subcontractors was a worry for them as they had minimal time to implement a new solution. They were relieved to hear that Sekady would  handle the entire onboarding process. Sekady hosted an event for their subcontractors and onboarded all of them in about 15 minutes. Their subs loved the idea of ACH payment as well as automatic payments.

“The Sekady team has really gone above and beyond. They have offered to help any of our subcontractors at any time and in return all our subs love the platform! Zero complaints!”


The Results

Harding Homes has seen some incredible improvements since implementing the Sekady platform. They have streamlined their budgets for projects, saved up to 3 days of work  per month in payables, and eliminated calls from subs asking when they’ll be paid or if they can get paid early. Sekady offers same-day payment for a small fee as part of the payment options for all subcontractors. All their subcontractors have appreciated the platform with minimal issues in using it and receiving payments via direct deposit/ACH means they can enjoy their lunch break and not run around depositing checks.


“Sekady’s platform has saved us so much time and headaches in monthly payables. Getting it set up was even easier and our subs have adopted it quickly! We feel like our subs are more loyal to us because we have implemented such an easy process with this platform.”