Sekady Hires Tony Codina

Tony Codina Sekady
  • January 11, 2023

Sekady Hires Tony Codina as VP of Sales

Sekady Capital, LLC, a provider of secure payment solutions and project management software for the construction industry, has welcomed Tony Codina as VP of Sales. Tony joins the team with extensive experience in enterprise sales and customer success and will lead sales and business development for Sekady products and services.

“Tony brings a proven track record of strategic account acquisition, leading partnerships and bringing products to market,” says Thayne Boren, Sekady President. “That experience uniquely qualified Tony to lead sales for us and build out our commercialization team.”

 “The unique place Sekady sits within the industry is extremely exciting for me,” says Tony Codina. “We have the ability to not only streamline some legacy processes, but also create true efficiencies and provide a valuable service across numerous entities within this space.

With my nearly 10 years of experience in the SaaS sales space, I look to bring a customer first approach to the Sekady Revenue team; building relationships and truly bringing value to all customers we partner with.”

Tony will continue to develop the commercialization strategy as products and services are brought to market. Over the last 20 years, Tony has successfully managed teams in the transportation industry across verticals including asset management, brokerage, compliance, sales, and strategic accounts. His experience in go-to-market strategies and execution makes him a welcome addition to Sekady’s diverse team.

About Sekady: Sekady provides secure construction payments software to valued partners such as Title Companies, Fund Control Companies, Lenders, General Contractors, and Subcontractors while offering seamless collaboration and visibility into their construction projects.

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