Sekady Updates User Experience

  • January 20, 2023

The Sekady Platform is Getting a Facelift!

We’ve updated the Sekady platform! Moderate changes have been made to the user interface (how the platform looks and feels to the user). Customers on the platform will notice a more up-to-date look and feel.

We’ve also upgraded the user experience by leveraging the feedback we’ve received from our customers. The most notable changes have been made to the Project Details page within the platform. See changes here.


Project Details has now been split into 7 tabs:

    1. Project details: A snapshot of the project. Location, property details, stakeholders, and invoice payment terms.
    2. Loan details (for Sekady funded loans only): Builders can see the details of their loan. Due dates and maturity dates can now be seen.
    3. Bids: Send bid requests, accept, reject, and manage bids for selected project.
    4. A shortcut to selected project’s Task Manager.
    5. Spending Analysis.
    6. Rules (Coming soon): Lien Waiver Exemptions. This allows the Project Administrator to control which invoices do NOT require a lien waiver to be signed.
    7. Supporting Documents: All lien waivers, invoices, and associated project documents.
    8. Improved lien waiver workflow

In addition to improved workflows, we’ve added some exciting new features!:

  • NEW! – Change Orders: Builders can request and change category budgets. Lenders can review, approve, or reject those requests.
  • NEW! – Project Guide: This guide provides our users with tips to help them create and enter new project successfully.

For any questions regarding our new user experience, please contact the Sekady Support Team or call 208.452.1910.

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