Case Study: MK Custom HomesThe Problem

A husband-and-wife team, MK Custom Homes builds custom homes in the Treasure Valley. Their homes are each incredibly unique with an extreme eye for detail, giving the exterior and interior of the home a luxurious feel. To keep every detail in place, Matt and Keri needed a solution that could help them track their projects from start to finish.

“We are a small builder that builds mid-level to high end custom homes. I manage the build and exterior of the home and Keri manages the interior of each project, it’s easy to miss a tiny detail without a solid project management platform.” – Matt


The Solution

When Sekady presented its project management solution to Matt, he could instantly see the benefits. The Task Management for every build keeps all the details in place and the project on time. Matt and Keri’s favorite feature is Invoice Management. They upload invoices to the platform and subs know when they will be paid. Subs can even upload invoices directly to the platform and get paid how they choose, like Quick Pay. Their bookkeeping has become so easy! Sekady Build keeps track of all the invoices and which have been paid, with a full history in each project.

“Sekady is incredibly beneficial because we are so involved in every aspect of a project and we can just upload invoice and the system pays them out. Minimal effort on our end and we keep an even better tab on our money management!” – Matt


The Results

Matt and Keri have found that since implementing Sekady Build they have stayed more organized. They save 1-2 days a month in billing and invoicing by running all invoices through the platform. They field less calls from subs about payment with fast ACH payments and no paper checks. Matt also saves time from tracking down signed lien waivers. They are signed in the platform and kept with the paid invoice. Implementation was easy too! Sekady did all the heavy lifting of onboarding subs to the platform and provide detailed instructions to future subs.

“Sekady is an amazing partner in this process. They are so easy to work with and always there with any support. They always make it happen!” – Keri